Peterbuilt and Puppy

On Friday, my mother would have turned 92.

We are going to pick up our shiny new American Bulldog puppy.  We’re rescuers as a rule, but our 10-year-old Sugar is such a perfect example of American Bulldog breeding and temperament – that we want forever – that just this once we decided to go to a reputable breeder.  The next ten dogs will be rescues, probably senior dogs who don’t understand why they’re at a shelter.  This puppy will be the constant; the continuous Sugar, trained by Sugar – Sugar’s legacy, if you will.  That she’s being picked up on mom’s birthday is just one more way to turn a not-so-wonderful day into a joyful occasion.

Enough justifying.

The other recent joyful occasion is that my wonderful husband, with the help of his equally wonderful Mom, is going into business for himself.  No more working for someone else.  Same hours, same hard work, and no doubt the same chronic exhaustion.  In three weeks, he’s single-handedly started an LLC, secured a loan, sourced a meticulously-maintained Peterbilt heavy hauler rig and an appropriately-sized trailer that is legal in the states he’ll be working, aggressively shopped for and obtained insurance, filled out and sent on ALL the hundreds of necessary forms, permits and applications, followed up to make sure everything was done – and found plenty of work through his contacts.   It’s been a massive undertaking and he has accomplished it all with grace and style, like he was born to it.  I am so proud of him.  Monday is a holiday, so he starts Tuesday.

The future certainly is bright.